Clean Diesel Technologies Inc. says results of initial engine testing at San Antonio-based Southwest Research Institute show the company's clean diesel formulation reduced particulate matter by 33% and NOx emissions by 10% compared with a commercial No. 2 diesel fuel.

The company also claims its formulation, incorporating its Platinum Plus bimetallic fuel borne catalyst, did not result in a fuel economy penalty or loss of power.
The tests, which were done on a 1998 DDC Series 60 400hp engine, also compared CDT's Cleaner Burning Diesel fuel to a low sulfur "market blend" of CARB certified diesel. Cleaner Burning Diesel fuel is currently undergoing commercial field evaluation and additional engine tests. CDT has filed for a patent on the fuel blend.
The fuel is based on a high-quality pipeline grade of jet/kero diesel fuel plus an additive package containing a lubricity agent, detergent and the company's bimetallic platinum/cerium FBC. CDT estimates the cost of the additive package will be in the range of 5 to 6 cents per gallon of fuel treated in addition to the incremental cost of pipeline quality jet/kero.
CDT also intends to explore the use of its Cleaner Burning Diesel fuel in conjunction with engine timing changes and its LOE-NOx water-in-oil emulsion technology to maximize NOx reduction. They will also look at the performance of various particulate filters and oxidation catalysts with the fuel for ultra-low PM levels.