The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is digging in its heels on an extension of the comment period for its hours of service proposal. It will, however, add another public hearing on the proposal at the end of the scheduled series of seven, sources say. The new hearing is tentatively scheduled for July 10-11 in Washington, D.C.

A number of interest groups, including American Trucking Associations, the National Private Truck Council and the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, had asked the agency to tack on another 90 days to the original 90-day comment period.
But this week the agency said it wants proof that more time is needed for analysis, before it will grant an extension. NPTC President John McQuaid said he will explain to the agency that he is polling his members for a quantitative analysis of the impact of the rules.
At this point, sources say, the extension is not likely to be longer than 30 days.