DAT Services, Portland, OR, has announced a partnership with Sybergen Networks, Fremont, CA, which will allow users of DAT Partners to share load-matching information remotely, with trucks in the field, for example.

Introduced in March, DAT Partners provides real-time load-matching information over the Internet using a VPN (virtual private network) to provide client specific information more quickly than otherwise possible. DAT Partners updates load information directly on client computer screens as soon as loads or equipment become available. The VPN delivery system employs the Internet, but only in part. Through a DAT-supplied telephone line, each client is connected directly an Internet POP (point of presence) and all information is kept secure.
According to DAT, Sybergen's software will provide Internet access sharing capability and allow DAT to deliver multiple-user versions of DAT Partners. Sybergen's products create a secure network for remote/mobile users, making it possible to share the secure DAT Partners network with mobile units.
DAT Services is the oldest and largest load-matching service in North America.