Mack Trucks Inc. has announced that Telenetics Corporation of Lake Forest, CA, will build its new wireless maintenance system, TruckLink. Telenetics has received an initial order for 1,000 TruckLink systems for immediate delivery.

TruckLink can send real-time maintenance information directly from the vehicle to maintenance and repair personel. The system can detect, capture, store and forward impending and current complications associated with engine, powertrain and anti-lock brake systems. TruckLink is fully supported by Diagnostic Hotline, a call center that supplies technical repair and maintenance advice.
TruckLink features a driver display, low profile dual antenna, anti-theft protection, a Motorola three-watt analog cellular phone and GPS. The system works through a diagnostic hotline to locate the nearest repair center. The two communicate and forward a remedy to the operator. If necessary, help can be sent to the vehicle location as shown by GPS.
TruckLink records information in 30-second increments, 15 seconds before and after a violation of any monitored parameter. TruckLink includes a backup battery and can be customized by users. A in-cab display keeps drivers informed and a button can signal the fleet base station of any non-monitored systems or extraordinary event. To prevent theft, the system includes a tracking device that is activated and deactivated by radio frequency. Any unauthorized entry of the vehicle is automatically reported to the base station.
According to Russ Raine, Vice President of Customer Product Support for Mack Truck, TruckLink has been operating successfully for the past two years in a number of test fleets throughout North America.
The system is available for aftermarket installation on all Macks at all authorized Mack sales, parts and service locations.