Pennsylvania officials last week announced the results of a seven-month crackdown on unsafe trucks on Interstate 78. Brake problems, including out of adjustment brakes and cracks in brake lines, were the most frequent violations found as part of Operation Air Brake, which began last October and ran through April.

Of the 1,855 trucks inspected, state troopers found safety violations in 95% of the rigs, ranging from minor infractions such as a broken turn signal to major brake problems.
The statistics were released during a meeting of the I-78 Coalition, formed last fall after a series of fatal crashes on the highway. The group is made up of state police, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, the Pennsylvania Motor Truck Assn. and several AAA groups. The statistics show that crashes are down and citations are up.
Officials also announced the installation of new signs along I-78 which will warn drivers of heavy truck traffic on some parts of the interstate, inform drivers they are entering a safety-enforcement zone and remind them not to tailgate.