Three officials with Teamsters Local 120 in Minneapolis have been found in contempt of court in connection with the assault of one Overnite Transportation Company driver and the harassment of a second that resulted in that driver being left inside a locked trailer.

Overnite Transportation reports that Local 120 officials Bradley Slawson Jr., Edward Barnum and Lewis Miller were convicted of violating a permanent injunction issued December 1, 1999, limiting Teamster activity during the unfair labor practices strike against Overnite that began more than six months ago.
According to court papers, Slawson and Barnum confronted an Overnite driver during a pickup stop in Eden Prairie, MN, on March 30. The two teamsters subsequently locked the driver inside his trailer. The driver was released from the vehicle only after his shouts for help were heard from a dock worker.
On April 4, again according to court testimony, Slawson and Miller were following another Overnite vehicle in Arden Hills, Minn., when they harassed and threatened the driver before Slawson struck the driver in the face with a picket sign.
The three defendants were ordered to keep away from Overnite property and that of the trucking company's customers for the purpose of assisting the union in any labor action against Overnite. The defendants also were ordered to pay $500 each to compensate Overnite for attorneys' fees and costs.