The latest version of Driver Daily Log (DDL) is available for download at The driver log book program, written by a truck driver, is absolutely free.
Fritz Roland `Nick' Bjorklund said he developed the software during 1998, while taking a break from the road. He later broke his heel in a fall from his cab and has been off the road since. Instead he has been working on software development, including revisions to his DDL program.
Windows-based DDL is easily downloaded and installed on computers running Windows 95, 98 or NT. It's opening screen looks like a typical driver log sheet and can be filled out by pointing, clicking and filling in dialogue boxes. In addition to creating a typical-looking log book page, DDL keeps track of available hours in every category, driving, not driving, sleeper berth, etc. Drivers can easily check their hours status from various points of view.
According to Bjorklund, the two-year-old program is being used by more than 18,000 drivers, auditors, inspectors and small trucking companies. It's ideal for use on a laptop computer.
DDL is available at no cost. Users only need to visit Bjorklund's web site and download the relatively small, 660kb file. It will install itself with a mouse click.