An Alabama state representative has introduced a bill that would restrict trucks to the right lane of Interstate 20/59 between Birmingham and Tuscaloosa, but the bill is not expected to pass because it was introduced so late in the legislative session.

Tim Parker, a Republican representative from Tuscaloosa, sponsored the bill in response to the 12 deaths that have occurred on that stretch of interstate during the past three years.
Frank Filgo, director of the Alabama Trucking Assn., said he told Parker there's no scientific proof that the proposal would reduce accidents.
"If you put us in the right lane without the option of moving into the left lane, you'd have a stack of trucks stuck in the right lane from Birmingham to Tuscaloosa," Filgo told the Birmingham News, since the stretch of interstate is just four lanes.
Filgo also pointed out recent studies showing that drivers of passenger vehicles contribute more to truck-involved crashes than truck drivers do.