The Teamsters union has adopted the rules that will govern its 2001 international elections -- the strictest ever adopted by an American union.

The Teamster General Executive Board enacted the rules without dissent.
"This election will be fair and open, with the most informed electorate in Teamster history," said Teamsters President James P. Hoffa in announcing the new rules. "The fundamental principles of union democracy demand that a union's electoral process reflect the highest possible degree of integrity. These rules meet that exacting demand."
Next year, the Teamsters will conduct international elections for General President, General Secretary-Treasurer, International Vice Presidents and International Trustees. Those elected will serve through 2006. The elections will be run by an independent election Administrator appointed by the union.
The rules prohibit contributions by outsiders; only active Teamster members will be permitted to contribute. Candidates and independent committees will be required to report all contributions. For the first time, independent committees will be required to disclose the amount of all contributions they receive and the number of contributors. The record-keeping and auditing regime prescribed by the rules is unprecedented in terms of scope, detail and transparency, according to the Teamsters.
"These Teamster election rules will provide the model for 21st century union democracy," said Hoffa. "The voice of the rank-and-file Teamster ill ring out loud and true through elections unrivaled in their fairness."