The National Labor Relations Board issued a decision against Overnite Transportation Company late last month. The Teamsters union, which has been involved in an unfair labor practices strike against Overnite for six months, hailed the decision as a victory.

The decision focused on Overnite's unlawful activity at its Miami, FL, terminal, which has been represented by the Teamsters Union since April 1995.
Overnite is expected to appeal the decision.
According to the Teamsters, the NLRB ordered Overnite to cease and desist from unilaterally subcontracting bargaining unit work; unilaterally changing the starting times; unilaterally requiring workers to call in before reporting to work; refusing to furnish the union with information relevant for the purposes of bargaining about unit employee discipline; or interfering with, restraining, or coercing employees who are exercising their federal right to union organizing activities.
The NLRB further ordered Overnite to, on request, bargain with the union regarding any changes in wages, hours, or other terms and conditions of employment, and to give the union information that is relevant for bargaining over unit employee disciplines. Overnite was ordered to rescind its subcontracts with Ryder Truck Rental, LEI Dedicated Services, Pro Drivers, and any other subcontractors performing driving work, and to reimburse employees for any loss of pay or other benefits they may have suffered as a result of Overnite's unlawful conduct.