Toronto-based Con-Way Canada Express says it is expanding its operations into five more provinces as part of its overall plan to build a more comprehensive service network throughout Canada.

A Canadian-based subsidiary and operating unit of Con-Way Central Express (CCX), the fleet will now have 27 service locations in Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta. It will be managed from new headquarters in Mississauga, Ontario.
The Con-Way expansion in Canada will reportedly be the largest geographic move taken at one time since Con-Way opened in 1983. The coverage of Canadian markets will increase from 65 percent to 86 percent of the country's population. It will also add an additional time zone, the Atlantic Time Zone, to Con-Way's North American Operations.
The expansion will include integration of its state-of-the-art service facilities with advanced
internet technology so customers can track their shipments via the Con-Way web site.