Heavy-duty trucks and buses are passing Ontario's emissions tests with flying colors, reports the Ontario Trucking Assn.

According to information from the Ontario Ministry of Environment on almost 90,000 trucks and buses tested under the provincial Drive Clean program over the past year, commercial vehicles have a pass rate of 94%. But, the results are even better for trucks and buses manufactured after 1991, when electronic engines became standard equipment, to comply with U.S. Environmental Protection Act requirements. Heavy vehicles that are six years old and newer are passing the Drive Clean tests 99% of the time.
OTA notes that when the program was developed, MOE had predicted a 15% failure rate for commercial vehicles. It also says that heavy trucks are doing much better than light duty vehicles, which are failing the Drive Clean tests about 20% of the time.
OTA President David Bradley says the results are no surprise to him "We would expect trucks to be better maintained than cars. Truck operators understand that maintaining a vehicle in top condition is essential for maximizing fuel efficiency. It's simply good business. The trucking industry doesn't need Drive Clean to know that."
Bradley also attributes the positive results to the fact that engine manufacturers have totally redesigned their products to reduce emissions. "On average it would take about eight of today's trucks to equal the emissions from a truck manufactured just a decade ago."