In what is being dubbed by some as a "strange political marriage," the International Brotherhood of Teamsters has endorsed Rep. Peter Hoekstra, a Republican who voted against all the union's key bills last year.

Teamsters officials told the Associated Press "the endorsement was due to Hoekstra's support for ending the Federal government's 11-year supervision of the 1.5-million member union." Michigan Teamsters Joint Council Legislative Director said, "He's the first candidate that has stood up and said, 'It's time for the government to get out of the Teamsters' business.' He came to speak to us and that left an impression on us." The Michigan Teamsters "endorsed Hoekstra at their delegate meeting in Detroit last week and the national union went along with it." Black said, "We knew it would not be a popular endorsement because of his voting record."
The AP added Teamsters Local 406 in Grand Rapids, Mich., "which has many members in Hoekstra's district, endorsed his opponent, Democrat Bob Shrauger."