The Wisconsin Motor Carriers Assn. is officially endorsing PrePass, an electronic pre-clearance system for trucks on interstate highways.
WMCA president Tom Howells said the association is backing PrePass because it is a turnkey system that can be deployed at virtually no cost to the state, motor carrier data is kept confidential, and the system has widespread support, with over 115,000 vehicles already participating.
Carriers must have proven safety records to participate in PrePass. As qualified trucks approach a PrePass-equipped inspection facility, an in-cab transponder identifies the vehicle to a computer, which verifies compliance with state requirements. Vehicles in compliance can bypass the inspection facility at highway speed.
"PrePass has been widely accepted because of the trucking industry's hands-on involvement in its policies and operation," stated Carl Lietz, transportation manager of Brakebush Transportation in Westfield, WI. "PrePass improves productivity and helps reduce driver turnover. And it saves us fuel," Lietz said. Brakebush has more than 20 PrePass-equipped vehicles.