LTL giant Consolidated Freightways Corp., Menlo Park, CA, will deploy more than 2,000 pagers for drivers to use on the WebLink Wireless national wireless network. According to a WebLink spokeswoman, CF will deploy approximately 1,200 Motorola Advisor Elite, one-way, alpha-numeric pagers and 1,000 Motorola PF-1500 two-way pagers with Assured Messenging, a technology that stores messages when a pager is out of a service area and delivers them when the pager returns to network range.
CF spokesman Mike Brown said the company has used pagers for a number of years, but this is the first time they will be using two-way paging, which allows drivers to respond with short, pre-written – or canned -- text messages.
Until October of last year, WebLink was known as PageMart Wireless.