The Transportation Loss Prevention and Security Council of the American Trucking Assns. will soon have some potent new competition headed up by its own former executive director, Gail Toth, who recently resigned from the ATA.
Toth has announced the pending launch of a new organization to serve essentially the same trucking/law enforcement community.
Toth's group is called the Cargo Loss Prevention Network, which will have a home on the Internet at Toth promises a membership-based organization that will offer a wealth of information through the web site plus discounts on related products and services. "If you want to advertise to my members, you've got to give them a deal," she said.
According to Toth, startup services will include a regular newsletter called The Networker, priority updates called Cargo Theft Alerts, a bulletin-board information exchange and a contract review service by a panel of transportation attorneys at flat rates.
Toth said members will have access to an online law enforcement directory and archives of court decisions and transportation arbitration board decisions, among other databases. Later, she said, CLP Nework will provide consultants, training and perhaps conferences.
"There is so much you can do on the Internet," said Toth. "For example, we hope to offer a list of secure drop-lots around the country. I have a list of things my guys want."
Toth said reaction to her initiative has been "extraordinarily positive." A lot of people were left out of the ATA group she used to manage "because they had to be ATA members," she said.
ATA membership was made a prerequisite to membership in any ATA council or conference under the organization effort known as the Wren Plan.
"We wish Gail the best of luck,'' said an ATA spokesman. "She was a valued employee of ATA and an expert. We hope she does well."
For information on CLP Network, contact Gail Toth at 732-494-7865, fax 732-549-4344 or email