New Prime Inc. president Robert Low has reportedly requested a list of KLLM Transport Services Inc. stockholders, possibly to solicit consent to remove the KLLM board of directors.
Low owns 13% of KLLM shares and has expressed an interest in purchasing the company either directly or through New Prime. In Securities and Exchange Commission filings he requested a list of record holders, including addresses and holdings, as well as information on the holdings by institutional investors and company employees, according to Reuters news service.
"The purpose of this demand is to enable me to communicate with my fellow company stockholders on matters relating to our mutual intersts as stockholders including the solicitation of written consents for the removal of the company's current board of directors," Low said in an April 5 letter to KLLM, included with the SEC filing.
KLLM chairman William J. Liles III has also expressed an interest in buying the Jackson, MS, based carrier.