Dozens of Teamster members yesterday delivered a subpoena to Leo Suggs, CEO of Overnite Transportation, at Overnite's headquarters in Richmond, VA.

Suggs is being subpoenaed for a hearing on a complaint issued by the National Labor Relations Board focusing on the firing of Overnite workers and union members. The hearing, to be held May 8 in Memphis, TN, is the first complaint based, in part, on a sworn affidavit by a former Overnite supervisor, to go to a hearing.
The supervisor, Dale Watson, alleges that Overnite developed "hit lists" of workers who supported the union. Those workers, he said, were targeted for disciplinary action. Watson will testify at the hearing, which is a consolidation of 25 individual charges.
Watson's allegations triggered the nearly six-month-old unfair labor practices strike against Overnite.