General Motors is reportedly planning a concerted lobbying campaign to pursuade U.S. lawmakers to relax restrictions on diesel-powered vehicles.
According to the Financial Times of London, the company is urging the U.S. Government and the Environmental Protection Agency to adopt new emissions rules that could clear the way for an influx of diesel cars to North America.
"We think the U.S. government does not understand modern diesel technology," the Times quotes GM Vice Chairman Harry Pearce. "New engines are cleaner, more efficient and have dramatically reduced NOx emissions."
The company is reportedly developing a new generation of hybrid cars that combine ordinary fuel and electric engine technology. GM, Ford and DaimlerChrysler are all invoved in industry/government partnerships to develop fuel-efficient cars but GM is the first to promote diesel.
"We have a clear objective of convincing the government and EPA that diesel technology offers the best opportunity in a hybrid configuration to achieve optimal powertrain efficiency," Pearce said.
The company is thought to be working with Isuzu, its Japanese associate,on diesel technology for cars.