International Truck and Engine Corp. demonstrated advanced "green diesel" technology during the Mid-America Trucking Show last week in Louisville, KY.

Parked outside the show entrance, the demonstration vehicle was an International 4900 dump truck equipped with an International 530E diesel engine, a continuously regenerating trap and ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel (less than 5 parts per million).
There was no visible or smellable exhaust coming from the tailpipe. Reporters were invited to place their hands under the exhaust and then challenged to smell any scent of diesel exhaust on their fingers. There was no smell.
Tests of applied Green Diesel Technology resulted in engine particulates that were 50% lower than the best certified levels of natural gas engines, according to International. Hydrocarbons were reduced below measurable levels, eliminating the diesel exhaust odor. Overall, the technology reduced particulate emissions by more than 90%.