Freightliner displayed a Century Class S/T equipped with the latest and near-future high-tech, in-cab entertainment at its booth last week during the Mid-America Trucking Show.

The truck featured satellite TV from DirecTV, satellite Internet access through DirecPC, Satellite radio, and American Mobile's newest wireless communications.
"Most of these are already available in consumer markets," noted Freightliner President and CEO Jim Hebe, and satellite TV dishes are already showing up on owner-operator trucks.
"Satellite radio represents one of the most exciting developments since wireless communications," Hebe said. The truck featured a prototype receiver from XM (pictured), but the company will also offer competitor Sirius, in which parent company DaimlerChrysler has invested $100 million. When questioned if Freightliner would provide satellite radio as standard equipment, Hebe indicated that if they did so, Freightliner would choose the Sirius system.
Satellite radio will allow drivers to listen to music and news/talk channels all across the country in clear, digital technology.
Hebe noted that with the current driver shortage, trucking companies would do well to look at spec'ing benefits such as these types of communication and entertainment options.