The Research and Special Programs Administration has withdrawn a 1992 proposal to require signaling systems to monitor hazardous materials cargo tank loading and unloading.
Instead, it will address those issues under a broader rulemaking (HM-223) initiated in 1996, intended to clarify federal jurisdiction and establish specific activities subject to regulation. A proposal is expected later this year and could affect how haz-mat rules apply to certain loading, unloading and storage operations.
RSPA also noted that new regulations covering liquefied compressed gases established a comprehensive safety program intended to reduce the risk of unintentional release.Included in the changes, which became effective last year, were revisions to attendance requirements. The agency said it wants an opportunity to evaluate industry experience under that new rule before implementing changes to cargo tank loading requirements.
More information, including public comments on both proposals, can be found at the
Department of Transportation docket management system under docket number RSPA-98-4952.