MacKinnon Transport of Guelph, Ontario and Sherman Bros. Heavy Trucking of Harrisburg, OR, won the Grand Prize Awards in the Truckload Carriers Assn.’s 1999 National Fleet Safety Contest, sponsored by Trailmobile.

The awards were presented last week during the TCA’s annual awards banquet. MacKinnon Transport won the award for truckload companies operating under 25 million miles annually, while Sherman Bros. Heavy Trucking won for the category of over 25 million miles.
MacKinnon Transport believes that a commitment to safety begins with the owners and senior management. The company's owner-operators and company drivers are among the best in the industry and the strong in-house training, stringent hiring qualifications, and on-going monitoring of compliance and training needs assures a high quality of customer service, safety and standards. The Chairman, the CEO and the President of the company all spent time as drivers and believe that this has fostered their commitment toward health and safety.
Sherman Bros. Heavy Trucking's mission statement is "to develop a safe and secure workplace for our employees by providing the most advanced training and equipment available, with a commitment to the public safety to select and train the most professional drivers to share our highways and service our customers’ needs." The owners, brothers Keith and Leroy Sherman, have learned that safety is an integral part of the business.