Approximately 13,000 employers, including many trucking companies, have been put on notice to fix workplace safety and health hazards or face comprehensive inspections by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

To find companies with the nation’s highest lost workday injury and illness rates, OSHA surveyed employer-reported data of 80,000 establishments in 24 industries, including trucking services and trucking terminals. Worksites that received OSHA notices had eight or more injuries and illnesses resulting in lost work days for every 100 full-time workers. The national average was 3 instances per 100 workers.
OSHA said 4,200 of the 13,000 companies have been selected for comprehensive inspections within the next 10 months. All companies were sent a letter urging them to take immediate steps to remove hazards. The agency recommended hiring outside safety consultants if necessary and said small companies might benefit from OSHA’s on-site consultation program offered free of charge through state OSHA agencies.
This Site Specific Targeting plan replaces last year’s enforcement program, which targeted 2,200 hazardous work sites.