Transportal Network, Atlanta, GA, announced a series of business alliances Monday. The latest entry in the field of trucking "super sites," Transportal will bring shippers and carriers together on the Internet. The site will also offer services to increase carrier buying power and enhance productivity.
Among the alliances announced was a partnership with AmeriQuest Transportation and Logistics Resources of Cherry Hill, NJ. According to a press release, the arrangement will allow Transportal to "offer tractors, trailers, refrigerant equipment, lubricants, replacement and retread tires, maintenance parts and supplies to members at significantly lower costs than they could obtain on their own."
An alliance with, Burlington, MS, allows Transportal to offer members sophisticated operations software until recently marketed under the Sabre logo. Products include MicroMap, a driver-load optimization system; OptiStop fuel optimization software; OptiYield, a route analysis and prioritizing system and Drop & Swap, a real-time driver and load swapping tool to optimize driver use.
Transportal also announced agreement with a company called DockSmart, which according to Transportal "supplies loading and unloading services of floor-loaded trailers and information-gathering capabilities at shipper/receiver locations.