M.S. Carriers has increased driver pay for its regional, experienced line-haul, and academy graduates an average of 11.1 to 14.8 percent.

The fleet claims it is the largest pay increase for its drivers since the early 1990s and puts it in
the top 25 % of similar, nationally ranked firms.
Mileage rates for regional drivers operating in and around Memphis, Atlanta, and Dallas, are 30 cents per mile, an increase of three cents per mile. Drivers hired with two years experience in the Phoenix region now receiving 30 cents can expect annual one-cent increases to a 32-cent maximum rate.
Drivers in the Northeast will be paid at the rate of 36 cents per mile for an increase of four cents, or 12.5 percent.
Experienced line-haul drivers get the biggest boost, with starting mileage pay rate for those with one year of experience up to 31 cents per mile, a four-cent or 14.8 percent increase.
Drivers with at least four years experience will now receive 34 cents per mile, plus annual increases of one cent to a maximum of 40 cents.
Pay for graduates of M.S. Carriers' academy programs with at least six months experience goes from 27 to 31 cents per mile, a 14.8 percent increase. Academy graduates start at 30 cents per mile, and have the potential for 40 cents after nine years.
The company raised the base mileage rate for owner-operators from 80 cents to 82 cents per mile.