Fiat reportedly has its eye on Scania. "We're not Scandanavian, that's for sure," the Italian automaker's honorary chairman, Giovanni Agnelli, recently told a Milan newspaper.

Agnelli was referring to the European Commission's rejection of Volvo's planned $6.9 billion merger with Swedish rival Scania. The commission said the deal caused serious competitive concerns because it gave the two companies dominant market shares in Scandanavia and some other countries.
"We don't know the terms that led to the antitrust rejection. We need to see if they could also be applied to us," Agnelli was quoted as saying.
Fiat and General Motors recently announces a $2.4 billion allinace aimed at cutting costs by sharing parts and people. Fiat will swap 20% of its Fiat Auto subsidiary for just over 5% of GM's common stock, making Fiat GM's largest shareholder. Fiat and GM will for joint ventures in engine building and purchasing. But if Fiat makes a bid for Scania it's expected to do so without GM.