DAC Services meets this week with the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation to win back access to the state's driving records. PennDOT officials stopped issuing records to DAC after an investigation found that two carriers had purchased records from DAC then illegally resold them over the Internet.
Under Pennsylvania law, an individual's driver record can be provided to non-government sources only for insurance, employment and credit-reporting reasons.
DAC spokesman Derek Hinton acknowledges that the illegal activities did occur but emphasizes that the companies did so in violation of contracts with DAC. The company has dropped both clients and Hinton says legal action will be taken.
Earlier this year PennDOT canceled a contract with ChoicePoint Services Inc., an Alpharetta, GA, based company that provides driver records to insurance companies, employers and creditors. According to PennDOT, an investigation in that case revealed that ChoicePoint was offering insurance companies Internet access to Pennsylvania driver records, potentially compromising the security of those records.
Investigators also found ads on the Internet offering Pennsylvania driver records for sale.