Members of the National Private Truck Council will now pay annual dues of $650 regardless of how many trucks they operate. The new uniform pricing policy replaces a dues structure under which members paid from $350 to $1,650 depending on the number of trucks in the fleet.

One reason for the change is simplicity, said NPTC president John McQuaid. "The prior structure was administratively difficult bcause it required council staff to keep current with the number of trucks that NPTC members operated to make sure that annual dues statements accurately reflected each member's fleet size."
He also said that the new dues approach should help attract light, medium-duty truck and other fleet operators.
"Because many of these fleet operators do not view themselves as 'being in the trucking business,' the NPTC can serve as their safety department, answering questions and providing regular updates and training for an extremely reasonable fee."
The new dues do mean an increase for the lowest two member categories, but NPTC pointed out that this membership segment hadn't had a dues adjustment in seven years. Members who did see a dues increase will receive a coupon for $100 off any NPTC-related publication, workshop or seminar.
NPTC also has a $99 Additional Member category for employees of member companies.
The new category is aimed at field representative of member companies interested in staying up to date on the council's advocacy, education and communciations activities. Additional Members will be listed in the NPTC Membership & Buyer's Guide, receive discounts on council products and services, and are encouraged to participate in NPTC committees and help shape the council's policy stances.