The U.S. Department of Energy has announced a $30-$50 million research project between DOE and the heavy duty vehicle industry. Over the next five years the joint research effort will help develop cleaner, more energy-efficient trucks, ranging from pickups to heavy duty trucks.

"The research partnerships between the federal government and the private sector are critical to reducing American's reliance on imported oil, maintaining economic viability of our industries, and improving air quality," said Energy Secretary Bill Richardson. "With projections indicating that trucks will use twice as much fuel as cars by 2020, it is critical that we look to improve fuel efficiency and clean-energy techniques."
Three teams will develop hybrid propulsion systems utilizing a natural gas engine with an electric powertrain for buses and urban duty trucks. The following teams will match government funding at a one-to-one ratio:
* Electricore with Allison Transmission.
* Arcadis Geraghty and Miller, Freightliner Corp., ISE Research, Detroit Diesel Corp., and the University of California-Davis.
* Nova Bus and Lockheed Martin Control Systems.
Four other research teams will develop advanced components to reduce fuel consumption and emissions from truck diesel engines. Due to the higher risk of this cutting-edge project, the following teams will match government funding at a one-to-three ratio:
* Honeywell, Navistar International, and Turbodyne.
* Caterpillar Inc.
* Noxtech Inc., Mack Trucks, and John Deere.
* Hi-Z Inc. with Kenworth Truck Co.
Approximately $5 million will be awarded this fiscal year.