Peregrine Systems, Inc. is integrating its FleetAnywhere maintenance management software with Qualcomm's OmniTRACS mobile information management system.

The integration will allow information to be transmitted either from OmniTRACS to FleetAnywhere or FleetAnywhere to OmniTRACS. "For current FleetAnywhere users, it provides users another level of vehicle management for vehicle location, route planning and route status, and enhanced CallCenter functionality," said Bill Keyworth, vice president of product marketing for Peregrine.
The FleetAnywhere product is a comprehensive, Internet-enabled, scalable fleet maintenance management system. It is capable of tracking an unlimited number of equipment units and supporting an unlimited number of workstations from any number of locations.
OmniTRACS a satellite-based mobile communications and tracking system that provides real-time messaging and position reporting between fleets and their operations centers. Messages are sent via satellite through Qualcomm's Network Management Center to dispatch centers throughout the U.S.