New Penn Motor Express Inc., a subsidiary of Arnold Industries Inc., has made several enhancements to its web site,, including a completely interactive pickup entry system and rate quotes customized to each active customer's pricing program.

The pickup entry feature allows shippers to interact directly with New Penn's computerized dispatch system. All pickup and delivery activity at New Penn is managed through one automated system. Customers can now enter pickup requests through the secure area of the web site and have the pickup appear on the screen in front of their local dispatcher within seconds.
Using New Penn's customer database, the web site stores the pickup addresses associated with each customer and the consignee names and locations where the shipper has previously used New Penn. Shippers can quickly enter their pickup order by simply clicking on the shipping
location and the consignee name, and then entering a weight and piece count.
The site also offers customer-specific rate quotes, and customers can request a quote based upon their pricing program negotiated with New Penn. Quotes provided through the web site use the same programs used to rate actual freight bills at New Penn. This feature allows shippers to use the web site to quote accurate freight costs to customers and associates.
Customers using New Penn's current base rates also have the option to download the applicable PC Rating Software from the web site. This gives customers the flexibility to calculate their own freight quotes from their personal computer.