Fontaine Truck Equipment Co., Birmingham, AL is busy beefing up its communications systems to improve internal and external information flow.

The company has contracted with Convergent Communications to outsource many of its communications functions. Convergent Communications owns the data, voice and other communications equipment in Fontaine facilities in exchange for a monthly service agreement to manage, monitor and maintain that network.
Convergent signed a deal with Fontaine in July, 1999 to assume ownership and responsibility for wide area network services for Fontaine's corporate headquarters and 14 remote sites including a network of nine full-line of truck body, repair and equipment installation facilities in Atlanta, Dallas, Indianapolis, Birmingham, Fort Lauderdale, Nashville, Charlotte, Jackson, and Louisville. Fontaine also has four wholesale warehousing operations in Dallas, Indianapolis, Birmingham, and Syracuse, and a manufacturing division in Birmingham.
Convergent handles Fontaine's email services, Internet access, Web site development and hosting, and firewall management for security.