After backers of a measure removing the weight-distance tax in Oregon filed suit against it for lying it its radio ads, the Oregon AAA has fired back with two studies it says show truckers would benefit from the plan at the expense of motorists.

Measure 82, on the May ballot, would replace the weight-distance tax with a 29-cent diesel tax and a 5-cent hike in the gasoline tax.
Backers of the plan are suing AAA for spreading false information. At a news conference this week, AAA said two new studies show motorists would pay $100 million more a year, while big trucking companies would get a $50 million break. The studies were conducted by Willamette University and Portland State University.
"No wonder trucking interests plan to spend $4 million to jam this down people's throats," said Roger Graybeal, president of the Oregon-Idaho chapter of AAA.
The coalition supporting the measure points to a recent report from the nonpartisan Legislative Revenue Office, which found that while cars would pay more under the plan, so would trucks.