Yellow Freight System is redesigning its operations in key cities and will use more driver teams as it launches expedited service to and from all major North American cities on March 12.

The company is creating a high-speed transportation network independent of its traditional
hub-and-spoke network to allow more dispatching between metropolitan areas.
Yellow plans to offer two-day ground service on about 40 percent of the regular city-to-city routes in its network and three-day ground service on an additional 30 percent of routes. After the change, service to and from all of the largest U.S. metropolitan areas will have been
improved by one to two days.
Service coverage for approximately 90 percent of all points throughout the continental U.S. will be four days or less, the company said. A total of 82 regular daily schedules will go direct to cities in the U.S.
Yellow is hiring more than 80 drivers and dock workers as part of an expansion to a second terminal in the Cleveland suburb of Richfield. When the change is fully implemented, Yellow will employ about 1,250 full-time employees and an additional 100 part-time employees in
the Cleveland area.
The network changes will enable Yellow to introduce four-day East Coast-to- West Coast expedited ground service.
The change will create nearly 300 job openings for drivers, dock workers and other employees at 24 terminals throughout the country. Yellow employees at terminals where positions are being reduced will be given first priority in filling the new positions.