SmartStop, Portland, OR has signed a deal with National Electronic Technologies Corp., Rothesay, New Brunswick to install a network of kiosks in truckstops.

Smartstop has purchased a large number of NET's Global VideoNET public Internet access terminals kiosks and will install them at locations throughout the U.S.
The two companies are also cooperating to develop new technologies for the creation and delivery of dynamic content and applications for the trucking industry.
NET has over 39 years of experience in the coin-operated payphone, amusement and gaming
industry. The Global VideoNET terminals offer easy to use access to Internet services such as web browsing, the sending and receiving of email, up to the minute news, weather, sports, road conditions, unique touch screen games as well as a video communication system. The kiosks are set up so they can be remotely monitored for technical services, marketing data and downloading of new content and applications.