Dump truck owner-operators are nearing the four-week mark of their wildcat strike in the Miami area as they try to get trucking brokers to commit to raising rates.

Although their counterparts at the Port of Miami returned to work last week after a two-week strike, the more than 1,100 striking dump truck drivers are still off the job, reports the Miami Herald. They say they won't work until they win rate increases from the trucking brokers. They say they need a rate increase of 30% to 35% to compensate for rising diesel costs, high insurance premiums, and maintenance costs.
Oscar de Leon, vice president of the Support Dump Trucking Group, told the paper late last week that they hoped to get every broker to agree to higher rates by today. Some brokers have only made verbal, rather than written, commitments.
Late Thursday, several drivers met with Miami-Dade mayor Alex Penela. He explained the county doesn't have the legal authority to regulate dump trucks, but he would be willing to act as a mediator to help bring the truckers and brokers together.