Hundreds of trucks are expected to roll into Washington, DC, this morning as independent truckers protest against high diesel fuel prices.

The convoy left New Jersey about 7 a.m. and is expected to pick up followers as it travels down Interstate 95 and snakes along the inner loop of the Beltway to Route 50. By the time the convoy reaches Washington, it could stretch for miles. Police will escort the truckers onto Third Street NW, where several streets will be designated for them to park. Some streets may be closed off to allow for the truck parking.
Capitol Police say they will escort two or three of the trucks to the Capitol, according to the Washington Times, but the rest will have to park on the designated streets. The truckers aren't happy about that plan; they want to park their rigs on the Mall, but police ban commercial and oversized vehicles from streets in that area.
The owner-operators plan to climb the steps of the Capitol building at 11 a.m. The truckers have obtained a permit that will allow them to rally at the Capitol steps from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Their message: use the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to counter soaring fuel costs, waive the federal 15-cents-per-gallon fuel tax and allow states to give truckers another 15 cent rebate.