A group of owner-operators plans to convoy from New Jersey to Washington, DC, Tuesday to protest rising fuel prices and low rates.
Truckers plan to meet at Joe's Truck Stop in Deepwater, NJ, at about 7 a.m. Tuesday. They will convoy to the National Mall in Washington, taking a major truck route and no doubt picking up truckers along the way.

The protest is being organized by the Mid-Atlantic Owner Operator Independent Driver's Assn. Truckers from 65 companies in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware are demanding a 30% rate increase and a 15% fuel surcharge, and have parked their trucks for the past week. More than 200 truckers met again Saturday to discuss plans for the Washington convoy.
Chris Van Schaizk, an independent trucker from Levittown, PA, told the Associated Press that although drivers must deal separately with the various companies they work for, it does feel as though there is some progress.
Jacquie Medaglia, one of the organizers, said there will be a police escort of the convoy.