The American Trucking Assns.' North American Transportation Management Institute has revamped its professional certification process so transportation safety and maintenance professionals can meet all of the standards quicker and easier.

"We have observed that the longer it takes for an individual to complete the requirements for certification, the more likely the individual is to drop out of the process before attaining their credential. This new design should solve that problem, as it allows applicants to finish in 60 days or less," said NATMI Director of Training Services Jeff Arnold.
NATMI offers the following certification credentials for motor transportation professionals: Certified Director of Safety, Certified Safety Supervisor, Certified Director of Maintenance/Equipment, Certified Supervisor of Maintenance, and Certified Driver Trainer.
In order to attain any of these credentials, applicants must meet minimum job experience requirements (ranging from two to five years, depending on the certification sought), take one to two required courses, submit an application and exhibit of professional accomplishments, and take a certification examination. Traditionally, each step in the process has been completed on the applicant's timeline, within a maximum of five years.
Beginning in May and continuing throughout the year, NATMI is premiering five regional "Accelerated Certification Schools." The schools will be held in Denver, CO, May 8-13; Chicago, IL, June 5-10; Seattle, WA, July 17-22; Harrisburg, PA, Aug 28-September 2; and Fayetteville, AR, September 18-23.
By registering for a school, applicants with the required job experience for the level of certification sought can take advantage of a "one-stop-shopping" approach. The new accelerated program is structured such that applicants can pay one lump sum and complete all of the steps in the process within 60 days.
For registration information call the NATMI offices at (703) 838-7952.