A dockworker who works at Roadway Express is suing the company for retaliating after he testified against the company in a 1996 racial discrimination trial.

C.E. "Juice" Fleming Jr., who is black, testified on behalf of a black Roadway driver, Roy Roberts, who was awarded $185,000 in the 1996 trial. In that trial, the jury said the company had illegally retaliated against Roberts after he complained that he had been the subject of racial epithets, reports the Denver Rocky Mountain News.
Fleming's lawsuit claims that Roadway has "systematically retaliated" against those who testified against the company. He says he was singled out to do "menial and demeaning" chores that other dockworkers did not have to do. The suit also alleges that Roadway management "baited" Fleming into breaking a rule that got him fired. He was reinstated with a 10-day suspension after the trucker's union intervened.
The lawsuit also says that hangman nooses and racist graffiti are commonly seen at the Aurora, CO, terminal where Fleming works.
Roadway says it is against its policy to comment on employment disputes under litigation.