Independent truckers operating in and out of the Port Of New York and New Jersey plan a demonstration Thursday morning over the sudden increase in diesel fuel prices.

According to the Journal Of Commerce newspaper, the truckers claim shipping lines at the port are refusing to reimburse the drivers for the added cost of fuel, which has skyrocketed past $2 a gallon in just three weeks.
Drivers were distributing flyers that read, "We must unite and come together as one to show those big companies that we have had enough and that we will not take it anymore." The flyer also indicated drivers were very unhappy with conditions at the port, including long wait times.
There was no indication as to who was organizing the protests.
The Teamsters union has been organizing protests at ports around the country as it continues to try to organize the independent truckers. The last one was Jan. 31 at six eastern ports. The next rallies are scheduled for next week and may extend to other ports nationwide.