Lana Batts has resigned as president of the Truckload Carriers Assn. The surprise announcement came at the TCA executive committee meeting in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, Feb. 5.
In an interview, Batts explained that her move anticipates a crucial upcoming vote on TCA’s affiliation with the American Trucking Assns. Batts, known as an outspoken and forceful leader of the truckload trade association, said she does not want to be an issue in TCA’s decision whether or not to integrate with ATA.

“Now is the time for me to go – before any votes are taken,” she said. “I did not want to be an issue and did not want any side assuming that I would manage whatever (association) emerged.”
She said she does not know how the vote will go. The TCA officers have endorsed integration with ATA as part of an ambitious restructuring plan, but the membership appears divided.
Batts said, “Whatever emerges, TCA will be different from what I have developed over five and half years. I feel I have accomplished what I set out to do, so now is the time to leave.”
Batts will stay on through the TCA annual meeting, March 19-22, when the vote will be taken. She said she does not know what she will do, but wants to stay in trucking – possibly working for an industry supplier.
“Another reason I had to announce my resignation before any vote was taken is because I would like to sell back to the industry. If I go to work for a supplier, I can’t have 50% of the TCA members mad at me. I have friends on all four sides of the issue, and I want to be with my friends.”