Allegations of a company "hit list" against union supporters, widely publicized by the Teamsters Union as the spark for picketing against Overnite Transportation, have been dismissed by the National Labor Relations Board.

The charge, brought by the Teamsters, was based upon the allegations of a dismissed Overnite employee in Memphis who had accused Overnite of developing a hit list of workers who supported the Teamsters. Dale Watson, in an affidavit to the NLRB, said that he was directed to single out Teamsters supporters for disciplinary action.
In a Jan. 19 letter to the Teamsters' attorneys, NLRB Regional Director Ronald M. Sharp dismissed the Teamsters' claim, according to Overnite, stating that despite repeated requests to the Teamsters, the union had failed to provide evidence to support its assertions against the company.
"As it appears that you are not prepared to proceed at this time, further proceedings are not warranted, and I am, therefore, refusing to issue complaint in this matter," the NLRB regional director wrote.
Overnite also reports that a Virginia State Court judge has refused to dismiss defamation charges filed by the less-than-truckload carrier against a Teamster spokesman.
Overnite alleges that false statements issued by David Cameron in his official capacity as spokesman for the Teamsters Union harmed the company's reputation.
Without comment, Judge Catherine Hammond refused the Teamster motion to dismiss the case.