The use of exhaust or compression brakes such as Jake Brakes could be limited under legislation being considered in several states.

Indiana House Bill 1106 passed the state House of Representatives last week and is headed to the Senate. It would control the use of compression release engine brakes when a truck is using the Indiana toll road in a county with a population between 125,000 and 129,000 - targeting Portage, where sponsor Duane Cheney is from.
If the bill becomes law, Indiana State Police would reportedly be able to ticket truckers who violate the law, according to the Owner Operator Independent Drivers Assn.
Across the border in Illinois, legislation has been introduced that would allow the Illinois Department of Transportation to post signs prohibiting trucks from using Jake Brakes when they travel near residential areas, according to the Chicago Tribune. The measure, House Bill 2958, is awaiting action by the Illinois House Transportation and Motor Vehicles Committee.
And in Nebraska, local governments wanting to regulate the noisy brakes are running into roadblocks. Signs ordering "No Jake Brakes" have been removed over concerns about trademark infringement lawsuit, reports the Associated Press. The Omaha City Council wanted to post signs limiting noise on Interstate 80 in city limits, but federal law gives the state jurisdiction over interstate highways. State Sen. Don Preister of Omaha has introduced a bill this session that would allow local governments to regulate the devices.