Long-haul truckers will have to use onboard recorders to track driver time, under the proposed hours of service rules now being reviewed by the White House.
The requirement would apply to operations that keep drivers on the road for extended periods, sources confirmed. For example, while pickup and delivery operations would not be covered, certain truckload and regional less-than-truckload operations would.

The proposal calls for onboard recorders to be phased in, starting with larger fleets two years after the rule becomes official, and smaller fleets later on, said sources who did not want to be identified.
Since the White House Office of Management and Budget still is reviewing the long-awaited proposal, details could change.
OMB officials working on the review were scheduled to confer this week with Julie Cirillo, acting assistant administrator of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. That meeting was postponed by a major East Coast snowstorm, pushing back the expected release of the proposal.