Oshkosh Truck Corporation has delivered the first of at least 5,666 new 6x6 Medium Tactical Vehicle Replacement trucks to the United States Marine Corps.

The MTVR will replace the Marine Corps' aging fleet of M809 and M939 transport vehicles. The MTVR is said to be a major improvement in on-road and off-road mobility, maneuverability, speed and reliability in a medium tactical truck.
The MTVR can:
* Ford five feet of water.
* Carry a 7-ton payload cross-country and 15 tons on-road.
* Climb and descend a 60-percent grade.
* Handle a 30-percent side slope with its maximum cross-country payload.
* Travel at 65 mph on paved surfaces.
* Speed over 12-inch bumps, or half rounds, at 20 mph.
* Cruise for 300 miles on a single tank of fuel.
The MTVR also features constant all-wheel drive and an automatic transmission. It has an Eaton central tire inflation system that uses sensors and an onboard computer to assess the tire pressure automatically based on the terrain and the vehicle's speed and payload.
An Oshkosh-designed all-wheel independent suspension is capable of 18 inches of vertical wheel travel and independent suspension for better handling.