Mack Trucks finished 1999 with a record 34,264 U.S. Class 8 retail sales and a gain of 0.3% in market share.

The company retailed 7,463 more vehicles than in 1998 and increased its volume by nearly 28%.
Mack's Canadian subsidiary, Mack Canada, Inc., experienced a slight drop in sales, to 2,858 units. This represented a 9.3% share of the Canadian retail market, compared to 10% in 1998.
Mack's major overseas subsidiary, Mack Trucks Australia Pty. Ltd., increased sales by 6% to 746 units, which represented a 12.1% of the heavy truck market, up from 11.7% in 1998.
Mack export sales of 1,363 units represented 22.5% of the total North American export market.