The problem of driver time wasted at loading docks will be addressed in a case study by the Truckload Carriers Assn., which has identified the issue as its highest priority this year.

The association's Shipper/Receiver "Just In Time To Wait" panel wants to identify all aspects of the waiting time problem and offer practical guidance for reducing the obstacles it presents to efficient motor carrier operations, according to TCA.
The ultimate goal is to find companies that have been successful in reducing driver waiting time, analyze their success and publicize their best practices so others may learn from their techniques.
The study will involve:
• Interviewing motor carriers, shippers, receivers, third-party logistics providers and transportation experts to identify parties that have succeeded in their efforts to become more efficient and productive.
• Analyzing the component parts of the individual parties' efforts, pointing out why a particular solution to a problem worked.
• Offering constructive guidance to carriers, shippers and receivers in a variety of revenue brackets on ways to improve their relationships to become more efficient and productive.
A target date of May 15, 2000, has been set for completion of the report. For more information, contact Bob Rothstein, TCA general counsel, at (703) 838-1950 or