A survey of members of the Truckload Carriers Assn. to assess interest in company training, especially distance-based learning, indicates that fleets seem very interested in the approach and are willing to invest in the necessary technology to take advantage.

Of 600 companies surveyed, 125 responded. Most had little experience with distance-based learning, according to TCA. But those that did said self-contained workbooks, workshops with follow-up via audio, self-paced CD-ROM and videotapes were the methods with which they had the most experience.
Other highlights from the survey:
• Most employee development dollars are spent on drivers, with safety training being the type of employee development most incorporated.
• The majority of companies with 1-500 employees spend $5,000 to $20,000 on employee development, while most of those with over 500 employees spending $50,000 or more.
• Most of companies select employee development programs by assessing employee performance and tracking company systems for readjustment.
• The type of training favored is industry-specific, interactive, ongoing and delivered in a manner in which it can be transferred back to work.
• Computers available for training are in short supply; but most stated they would be willing to purchase what they needed for improved training.